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Um Hi Soooo my name is Daisy, and i'm gonna be honest I'm a kinda sorta broken person, but i'm trying to be better. I'm a fangirl, gothy, and more than a little crazy but i'm working on my humaning kinda

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" But what if I am one of your regrets? "
—Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up at Night #204 (via michellekpoems)

And what if you’re not. Live now…live bold, and regrets will be very few.

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why do advertisers sexualize female m&ms

why do advertisers assign gender to m&ms

why do advertisers humanize food products

why is there a bear family who considers the highlight of their day to be wiping their asses



dang girl are you my appendix because I don’t understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out

That is quite possibly the weirdest and most carefully thought out pickup line I’ve ever read. I applaud you.

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Girls Have 3 Types of Panties

  • period panties
  • chillen panties
  • and im about to get me some dick panties



*puts pocky stick in my mouth* see, its a metaphor, i put the weeaboo thing in my mouth without eating it, so im technically not a weeb

" Tits that big are stuffed with secrets. "